yeni nesil diş hekimliği cihazları görseli

New Solutions of New Generation Dentistry

We all think of the change in the last decade and sometimes we get terrified. While the number of things we can do with one …

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İmplant görseli

Success In Implant Treatment

With the use of titanium, a tissue-compatible material in dentistry, tooth deficiency and dentures are about to become history. With hundreds of brands and ease …

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Diş muayenesi olan kız çocuğu gülerek poz vriyor

Childhood Smile

One of the things that time cannot give back is the growth of our children. Of course it would be sad to face the consequences …

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tahta masa üstünde sağlıklı gıdalar

Importance of Nutrition in Tooth Decay

We know that a worm doesn’t eat our teeth, and that the acid produced by the bacteria in the mouth that feeds on carbohydrates decays …

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