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One of the things that time cannot give back is the growth of our children. Of course it would be sad to face the consequences of what we missed in their process. What do we neglect in terms of dental health of our children, what simple measures can we contribute to their health throughout their lives?

Erkek çocuk elinde diş fırçası ile gülüyor

The mouth of our children, which are germ-free at birth, meets germs with us. As our child grows, it is very important that things such as pacifiers and spoons which enter the mouth are clean and not contaminated with the mouths of others. The formation of their own oral flora affects gum health and caries tendencies. When they grow a little and reach the age of 2.5, the habits of finger sucking and using a pacifier should be discontinued for jaw development and tooth perforation reasons. Pedagogue and dentist support can also be provided for this. Because it’s also time to meet the dentist.

Diş muayenesi olan kız çocuğu gülerek poz vriyor

Our children’s peace with their bodies and self-care habits begin in infancy. In infancy, we can clean the teeth of our children with sterile gauze cloths and introduce them with the toothbrush after two years of age. In addition to observing how we take care of our body, they can also begin to acquire their habits and brush their teeth.

In the meantime, a smooth dental health process is initiated for children who meet the dentist by starting their dental checks with a number of simple preventive applications conducted by the dentist to protect their teeth.

Our children’s milk teeth are completed and after a while permanent teeth and milk teeth are found in the mouth at the same time. Since milk teeth lead to permanent teeth coming from behind, it is of great importance for the health of the permanent teeth and jaw development that they remain in the mouth until natural fall times. Our children do not like speech, eating and visual disturbances caused by their teeth. Decayed milk tooth causes permanent tooth decay, inflammation, and the inability to maintain the necessary space for the teeth to come out from behind.

dişlerini fırçalayan gülen bir erkek çocuğu

Their nutrition habits are one of the most important foundations we lay in their lives, until they become individuals. The control of carbohydrate in the diet and the frequency of carbohydrate eating are important in terms of their teeth as well as their systemic health. When the frequency of carbohydrate intake doubles within a day, the rate of caries formation increases to six times. Nutritional habits and taste start in childhood, especially in the transition to kindergarten and school periods, we need to help them establish this habit correctly.

Don’t forget that we lay the foundation of their beautiful smiles when they grow up, together in their childhood. With Love.

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