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They are very thin porcelain structures adhering to the front faces of the teeth. With porcelain laminates, gaps between the teeth can be closed, they can be lengthened and reshaped, broken, cracked, badly formed and highly coloured teeth can be given a beautiful appearance. In addition, it can be used for patients who don’t like their smile and want permanent whiteness with the purpose of smile design. It can also be used for coloured teeth caused by antibiotics, for the correction of slightly perplexed teeth – if it doesn’t require orthodontic treatment and on an advanced level – many kinds of perplexity can be corrected in a few sessions.

It is an alternative to straightening gaping teeth and porcelain veneers in some cases it is applied. Our patients can have bright, smooth and natural smiles by adhering the porcelain prepared in the laboratory to the front surface of the tooth by the dentist.

Each of your natural teeth has a different colour tone. The purpose of bleaching is to achieve personal natural whiteness. Thanks to the materials used, the bleaching of the teeth colour is observed from the first session. Nowadays, techniques have been developed to obtain excellent results. From the beginning of treatment, the patient can continue their social life with increased comfort.

Turkey’s rich cultural heritage, natural and historical beauties, welcomes millions of visitors every year from all over the world with its unique coastlines and easy transportation facilities. With many opportunities such as advanced facilities, experienced doctors who are experts in their fields, superior quality service in areas such as smile design and dental implants are given in our country. Teams with good command of English and Arabic are an important advantage. In this way, patients can communicate all their problems or requests directly to their doctor and can easily understand their doctor. It is possible to have a wonderful holiday by staying in world famous and award-winning hotels and also to have smile design and implant treatment with superior quality and very reasonable prices.

They are artificial tooth roots made of screw-shaped titanium placed on the jawbone to provide function and aesthetics of missing teeth.

Ideal individuals for implant applications are those with good general health and sufficient bone in the jaw bones. Your expert dentist, trained in implantology, can easily decide if you are a person eligible for implants.

It is applied in cases of single tooth missing, multiple teeth missing and complete edentation.

They ensure that fixed teeth can be made without damaging the teeth adjacent to the tooth cavities. They provide a comfortable smile and aesthetics. Desired foods can be eaten. Moving, rattling and painful dentures can be used more comfortably and surely.

The operation can be performed with local anaesthesia without any pain or discomfort. There may be slight pain or rare swelling after the surgery, which may be experienced after any tooth extraction. This can be remedied with painkillers.

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