New Solutions of New Generation Dentistry

We all think of the change in the last decade and sometimes we get terrified. While the number of things we can do with one touch increases day by day, dentistry has received its share from digital technology and new generation materials. Moreover, by saving time and money in some applications.

We doctors are happy with the increase in our capabilities, the expansion of our range of applications and the shortening and ease of processes. Of course we should also add the change in people’s awareness and expectations about themselves.

yeni nesil diş hekimliği cihazları görseli

What do dentists do now behind those doors? New aesthetic fillings can be chemically and aesthetically integrated with tooth tissue, certain shape and surface defects can be corrected without any abrasion from the natural tooth. They both preserve the natural structure and offer more economical solutions than the more advanced coatings. People get optimal aesthetics without losing their natural teeth structure. Broken teeth, diastema, simple discrepancies can be improved in one session while preserving the natural structure. For further defects, the tooth can be abraded by 0.7 -1mm from the surface of the tooth with a very fine porcelain layer, and the teeth can be complemented with chemically integrated adhesives. On the one hand, this means that there is a solution without the need to completely erode the surface of the tooth, called the veneer and apply crowns. Many dentists have heard that most patients say “you are like a magician” at the end of a single session.

With the development of digital dentistry, it is possible to correct dental perplexity with plaques in appropriate cases decided by dentists, without using braces. Prepared by modelling on the computer, the plaques prevent the attachment of something like a bracket to the teeth and allow people to be treated easily without being noticed. It is also possible to make fast, fully integrated fillings and coatings with digital dentistry, utilizing detailed measurements acquired with the camera. Now dentists not only try to complete missing teeth, but they also think about the psychology of the individual patient and their smile, along with their character.

When we talk about the new generation of dentistry, we need to evaluate it with the change in people’s approach. Now people understand the value of what they have and want to achieve the best of their naturalness, rather than the perfect tooth structure. It is a very pleasant way of working for dentists to restore the old integrity of the deteriorated tooth tissues by preserving the natural tissues as much as possible and under the guidance of the natural tissues. As a result, dentists now extract fewer teeth, cover less and make fewer dentures, because they have a wide range of solutions without the need for them. Patients now go to their doctors happy and comfortably.

Who knows maybe in ten years, the buildings will be made with 3D printers, we will measure the size of our feet with our phone at home to make our shoes while the dentists will manage robots working in the patient’s mouth with a computer.

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